Irja Alisen näkyjen puutarha

Irja Alisen näkyjen puutarha, Visionary Garden of Irja Alinen, 2009


”They are beings from a parallel universe, who come here to show us what they are like. I try to sculpt them as well as I can.”

(subtitles below)

video, 9min


Irja Alisen näkyjen Granö 2mb
Irja Alisen näkyjen puutarha. Installation view, Turku Artmuseum, Turku, Finland 2011

irja alinen granö


Porilainen ITE -taiteilija Irja Alinen tekee puutarhaansa taidetta, jonka aiheet eivät ole aivan tavallisia. Eikä teosten syntyprosessikaan ole ihan tyypillinen. Alinen kertoo saavansa teosten aiheet öisinä näkyinä. Viestit ovat hänen mielestään peräisin näkymättömästä rinnakkaistodellisuudesta. Taiteilijan mukaan toisessa todellisuudessa asuvat hahmot haluavat tulla ikuistetuiksi näkyvinä betonipatsaina hänen pihalleen. Hahmojen kirjo on suuri. Muutamat työt kuvaavat tavallisen oloisia ihmishahmoja, mutta pää-osa aiheista on tutumpaa saduista ja tarinoista. Näkymättömän maailman olennot ovatkin Irja Alisen patsaiden mukaan varsin moninaista väkeä. Kristilliset enkelit ovat saaneet vierelleen peikkoja, veikeitä eläimiä ja ufo-olentoja. Alisen kuollut Masi –koirakin vieraili eräänä yönä taiteilijan luona ja sai sekin betonisen reinkarnaationsa veistospuistoon.

Irja Alisen taide kertoo tekijänsä poikkeuksellisesta herkkyydestä, mutta myös yleisinhimillisestä halustamme löytää olemassaolon ihmeelle ja elämän loppumisen kammolle konkreettisia selityksiä. Onkin aivan loogista nähdä alaston vedenneito ja valaistunut Buddha samalla pihamaalla. Molemmat ovat yhteisen ja ikuisen rinnakkaismaailmamme tasa-arvoisia asukkaita.


©Veli Granö 2009


I was maybe six.

I don’t know if

it was a dream or not, –

but an angel appeared

with a big drum, –

like the kind you

give hay to horses with.

The angel asked me whether I

wanted to go to heaven with him.

He was there to take me.

I replied that I didn’t know, –

that I had to check

with my  mother first.

The angel said: ”Come.

Your life is so full of hardship, –

that you should come already.”

We talked and he said he’d be

back the next day to ask again.

To my amazement, the vision

or dream didn’t stop there.

The angel appeared again

with his drum –

and asked me

to come with him.

I told him that my mother had

said that I was too young to go.

When the angel left, he left

behind a huge pillar of light –

stretching all the way

to the heavens.

He disappeared into the skies

and the light followed him.

That’s where the vision ended.

Being so young, I was perplexed

by what had just happened.

The neighbour lady lived

about 200 metres down the road.

She had sand and cement and

asked me what to do with them.

I suggested making swan statues.

That’s where it began.

I made one swan in her place.

She made a swan as well, but

didn’t really get enthusiastic, –

although she did sculpt a bear

later on. I did this for myself.

We were both single mothers

and had a few things in common.

I sometimes looked

after her daughter.

We had plenty of free time

and no husbands to worry about.

That’s why we got on so well.

And it’s a lot of fun.

I often laugh at all the stuff

that I get up to in the garage –

and wonder what people would

think if they knew about them.

I have these beings around me

which nobody else can see.

They are beings

from a parallel universe, –

who come here to show us

what they are like.

I try to sculpt them

as well as I can.

He was wagging his tail,

but he moved very warily, –

since he knew that

I knew that he was dead.

I said: ”Come here, Masi”,

and he came to me very happy, –

tail wagging all over the place.

But then he disappeared when

he realized he couldn’t stay.

I tried to say that he didn’t have

to leave, but off he went.

So that’s another being

I’ve seen, plain as day.

There he sat and stared at me,

wagging his tail.

Then his muzzle dropped a bit

and he turned away.

I called after him,

but he was gone.

I was in my bedroom,

reading a book on my bed.

I put the book down –

and switched off the light,

because it was getting dark.

I had a sudden feeling

that I wasn’t alone in the room.

I saw an alien standing

in the bedroom doorway.

All those beings just want to come

and show themselves to me, –

to show that they too exist.

Other people can’t see them,

except through my statues.

They are just creatures

living in parallel universes.

The invisible world is huge,

just like the world we inhabit.

It’s just that not all people

are able to see it.