Kirlian maisteri, KIrlian Master

Short documentary , 3:33mins, stereo, 2011.

Veli-Pekka Kuhmonen tells about his decades of research. He has photographed people’s fingers with a Kirlian camera and discovered wonderful phenomena. He is on the edge of the world’s biggest secrets.

Veli-Pekka Kuhmonen kertoo kymmeniä vuosia jatkuineista tutkimuksistaan. Hän on kuvannut kirliankameralla ihmisten sormia ja löytänyt ihmeellisiä ilmiöitä. Hän on maailman suurimpien salaisuuksien äärellä

Kirlian Maisteri -video liittyy installaatioteokseen Labora, 2011
Installaationäkymä: Turun taidemuseo, 2011

The Kirlian Master video is related to the installation work Labora, 2011
Installation view: Turku Art Museum, 2011

Subtitles for the film.


sleeps in the stone, –

dreams in the plant,

awakens in the animals –

and thus man is self-conscious.

We started in 1979 –

and filmed most of the material

in the 1980s and the 1990s.

The equipment was in

the university’s film department.

I counted that there were

over 6,000 shots of fingertips.

Probably at least 6,500.

Here you can see

the concentration phenomenon.

It is quite clear.

You put your finger on the film –

and just think of the finger

making the contact.

Focusing is easy

since you feel the contact.

When you think of the contact,

the spot appears.

The reported response curves 

were only on the visible area.

However, film also 

captures invisible areas.

The phenomenon looks 

the same on X-ray film –

as on colour film: a grey spot.

It is not red since the film 

is not panchromatic.

It appears red on

colour reversal film.

So, the concentration phenomenon

has to do with the X-ray area –

or something else

we do not know more about.

Scientists are nowadays

talking of dark energy: –

dark energy comprises 

the universe –

except for four or five 

per cents of visible matter.

It’s all the same energy –

and only five per cents 

appears as visible material.

Even electricity is 

oscillating energy, –

and scientists 

do not know what it is.

We know electricity

and can use it for many things, –

but it is energy.

Senses are meant for 

these frequencies and this world.

There have to be others,

but we don’t know about them.

Our space probes are trying to find 

the same kind of life as we have.

However, we may not 

see it with our senses.

We may not be able to see

other kind of life.

We wouldn’t know if we 

had life all around us, –

and we just 

couldn’t perceive it.

We humans seem to have

a lot to learn in this universe.

That’s it. 

We are reaching one gate –

and starting to think that

not everything is material.