Short film, 4:28 mins, stereo, 2002.

Teos on nykytaiteen museo Kiasman kokoelmissa.

Collections of museum of contemporary art in Kiasma.

Kirsti tells a story of a middle-aged woman living in Helsinki. She is a healer and cleaning woman. Actually Kirsti developed her skills quite accidentally after having got ill herself in a very strange way. She began to get wounds without any logical reasons, and finally even people around her could get wounds. After having noticed also strange mental abilities in herself, she got courage to completely change her life. This all led to an extreme dedication in the fields and methods of paranormal.


Lyhytelokuvan päähenkilö Kirsti on eräänlainen parantaja ja ehkä myös  selvinnäkijä. Hän hoitaa ihmisten monenlaisia vaivoja erilaisin rajatiedon piiristä tutuin menetelmin. Hän hoitaa sekä kehoa, että sielua. 

Hän on  esimerkki henkilöstä, jolle reaalinen todellisuus näyttäytyy hieman tavallisuudesta poikkeavassa muodossa.

Teos liittyy videota ja valokuvaa yhdistävään teossarjaan, jossa tutkin ihmisten  metafyysistä vierauden kokemusta ja heidän yritystään löytää tai rakentaa itsellee vaihtoehtoinen, itselleen sopivampi todellisuus.

Ympäristöä ei tässä teoksessa käsitetä vain konkreettisena asiana, vaan se edustaa myös henkilön sisäistä kokemusta ympäröivän todellisuuden lainalaisuuksista. Ulkomaailma ei olekaan monelle ikkunasta avautuva ympäristö, vaan yhä uhkaavammaksi ja vaikeammin ennustettavaksi ja ymmärrettäväksi muuttuvaglobaalin talouden ja politiikan ja myös uskomusten järjestelmä. Kirsti suunnistaa yhä kaatoottisemmaksi muuttuvassa maailmassa välkkyvien hileiden opastamana.

Subtitles for a video KIRSTI

My grandmother was able to
massage people into health –
and my great grandmother
was a witch
I got angry with my neighbour
and a few minutes later –
some panelling fell off the wall
right above the kitchen sink
Then flower vases fell down,
objects started to move about, –
My dog
looked around amazed –
and I just
banged my fist on the table
Now I don’t dare to get angry
and I control myself –
as I don’t know
what might happen
Often a poltergeist phenomenon
is caused by the fact that –
people have certain energy,
for example teenagers have it
But I’m not energetic
Uncontrolled energy
may cause anything
The best way to put it into use
is healing people
Once I was healing a person and
saw something on the ground
It was like a small lamp
gleaming there
During treatments sparkles
started to appear everywhere
At another time during
my 10-year career as a healer –
cuts appeared on the skin
Customers told me that
they got cuts after treatment
I couldn’t believe it
Later I noticed them
on my own skin, too
I would have cuts on my leg,
my arm or elsewhere
Then when a customer
came in for a session –
we noticed that my cut
was in the same spot as theirs
A day after treatment a lady
came and said that her clothes –
were covered with blood but
there were no marks on her skin
Nowadays the cuts have gone
and there are more sparkles
Here are only
some of my diaries
In these diaries I have collected
sparkles and some stories
I see sparkles
in the most ordinary places
On a bus I see that the person
in front has one on his cheek –
or on the back of his neck
It’s not always a special
moment, it can be any time
I don’t know if you can see,
but there’s lilac and pink ones
I don’t know
the meaning of the colours
Gold and silver you see often
Also copper-coloured ones,
like on the day my mother died
That day
I also saw pink and lilac ones, –
which I haven’t seen since
They are some kind of signs
Maybe signs of
support and encouragement
If only people could realise –
that all the time there are
others present who can see us
When a person starts to find
these mysteries in them, –
it can be a hard experience,
this ”awakening”
We are certainly not
the only ones here
We are only a small part
of a great whole
There’s so much more
in this universe

Sonja Kärki/Pre-Text Oy