MY Baby was taken to sirius-C

Video 2mins, stereo, 2001

Installation Stardweller (2000-2001) takes us literally to the cosmic ‘other’ world. It is a record of Anne Pajuluoma’s story with neither judgment nor ironic distance, and as such, by following Anne’s struggles with loss, creates empathy towards her – whether the loss means the loss of child or the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Anne Pajuluoma, who is living in Helsinki, is longing for getting to another planet Sirius-C to live there together with her daughter who was spirited away to that distant star by aliens during Anne’s pregnancy. It is documented that she was pregnant nine years ago and was ordered to go to a hospital to have a cecarean there, but in the operation it was noticed that there was no baby. In the film My Baby Was Taken to Sirius-C Anne notes, as if to explain to viewers, that the baby was taken by the aliens who have different technology from ours, “they can walk through walls”. 

©text Marketta Seppälä, 2005

” My Baby was taken to the Sirius C. ”

(English subtitles:)

They could see the baby in the ultrasound.

She was fine and they told me they could save her.

The caesarean was to be performed at a hospital in Helsinki.

But when I went back to the hospital –

they checked my womb and it was empty.

The baby was gone. There was no little girl.

That is one of the mysteries in all this.

Later on I found out what it was all about.

They did it at night when I was asleep.

It was nice and quiet then.

Naturally I did not  know anything about it myself.

They did it secretly.

That is how it happened.

They have their own ships which travel on the earth .

The baby was taken to Sirius C.

They put her inside an artificial womb.

There she grew up to be a little girl.

The aliens have their own technology.

They can even walk through walls.

It is quite a different technology…

Installation view with the video My Baby was taken to Sirius C: Mikros Museum, Züerih, Switzerland