Puhdistus/Purification 2004-9

Installation work with three videos and furniture 2004

Single screen video version 2006

Three channel version 2009

puhdistus turku Granö
Puhdistus, Purification. 3 channel version. Installation view, Turku Art museum, 2009
purification puhdistus
Puhdistus, Purification. Installation version. Installation view, Pori Art museum, 2004 © Erkki Valli-Jaakola


Director, Camera, Sound, Script, Edit: Veli Granö

Supported by: Visek, Pori Art museum, Kulttuurirahasto

Produced by: Veli Granö, Filemo Ky

Music: Simon J. Drees


Voitto Koskenvaara an old Finnish inventor has found of how to purify everything hazardous from his home. He can clean foodstuff and newspapers from additives. His strange device can clean really everything. It can also protect from all unhelthy effects like radiation. His message could be: It´s possible to find a solution for all the risks. It´s still possible to find a peaceful place and what´s best, you can still feel that you can rule your world.

Keksijä Voitto Koskenvaara on kehittänyt laitteen, joka puhdistaa hänen kotiympäristönsä. Laite puhdistaa ruoka-aineet lisä-aineista ja sanomalehden vahingollisista aiheista. Ihmeellinen laite ehkäisee myös elektronisten laitteiden säteilyä ja turvaa kodin ydinsäteilyltä. Hänen sanomansa voisi olla: Maailmasta on vielä mahdollista löytää  rauhallinen ja turvallinen paikka ja kaikkein parasta: voit vielä tuntea hallitsevasi maailmaasi.

Subtitles for the video:

There’s something in this potato

Let’s see about

these tomatoes…

Additives probably

And this lettuce

There’s less here

These had

quite a lot of additives

Here’s some too

This has additives as well


This is perfectly clean

There are additives

in this loaf of bread

Oh my God!

There must

be a lot in this

Cleaned up, cleaned up

The bread is cleaned up

Cleaned up

Totally clean

All the additives

were completely removed

All these were

cleaned of additives

Except for this one

This has still some left

I put it this close

Still not cleaned up

Only now it is clean

You’re not supposed to eat

it unless you clean it first

I know right away

if there are additives

I can’t eat them

That’s why I have this

plate in the kitchen

It cleans up everything

I can’t read this newspaper

unless I clean it first

This has been

cleaned already

It cleans it permanently

It won’t radiate any more

TV causes a lot of damage

as soon as it’s turned on

This device

prevents all damage

Microwave ovens are terrible

The fallout from the forests

The device catches it

and cleans it up

Everything can be cleaned

up to 500 becquerel





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